Selasa, 03 Maret 2015

Chia Pudding Parfait ala Litha

I came across this dish many many times before in Instagram and decided to try the recipe weeks ago

Ingredients :
1. 3 TB chia seed
2. 250 ml ( or more ) of fresh milk
3. A tiny splash of vanilla extract
4. A sprinkle of salt
5. 1 big mango, peeled and sliced
6. Simple syrup as you like


 Mix all the ingredients ( except the mango ) in a small jar and let them in the fridge overnite. Don't forget to put slices of mangos as the toppings. By the morning you already have a nice dessert for your breakfast! Enjoy your healthy and delicious breakfast!
Intinya sih plung plung aja campurin doang ga pake effort banget kok bikinnya  dan gak pake lama jugak. Tapi asliii kalo punya saya sih jadinya enak banget!  Additional information, chia seeds is very high in Omega 3, it can reduce food cravings ( not in my case but so they said, the expert hihihi..) and among the superfood that is sooo booming nowadays.

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